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Write for us to establish your authority further as a digital marketing thought leader.

What We’re Looking For:

Topics of Interest:

  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Focused Industries.
  • Advanced Link Building Tactics for SEO
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Paid Search Strategies
  • Social Media Advertising Hacks
  • Marketing Automation Insights
  • Advanced Analytics Breakdown
  • Growth Hacking Techniques
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Industry Focus:

  • eCommerce Innovations
  • Real Estate/Home Building Trends
  • Small Business Owners
  • B2B Business Strategies
  • Medical Marketing Insights
  • Higher Education Marketing
  • Franchise/Retail Developments

Guidelines for Blogs & Articles

We rate your content based on the following content guidelines:

  • Does the content demonstrate first-hand experience?
  • Does it break down text with headings and subheadings where needed?
  • Does it Include stats, facts, figures, and numbers?
  • Does it have headings that are easy to digest?
  • Does it satisfy the user’s intent?
  • Is it understandable for 7-65 years?
  • Does the content demonstrate in-the-field experience?
  • How well does the content share a personal experience, perspective, or feelings on a topic?
  • How well does the content speak from a first-person perspective?
  • Does content also demonstrate that it was produced with some degree of experience, such as actual use of a product, having visited a place, or communicating what a person experienced?
  • How original is the content?
  • How helpful is the content?
  • How much effort was put into this content?
  • Does this content demonstrate a depth of expertise in this topic?
  • What is Time to value in this article?

Benefits of Writing for Digital Destiny

Every piece is distributed to our audience working in marketing and digital media, which greatly increases the visibility of your business.

So, Write for Us – Digital Marketing and pitch your blogs and articles, and we will get in contact with you in no time.

In the end, Digital Destiny aspires to support content marketers in their endeavors to prosper and rise to the top of their respective fields. You have the chance to establish yourself as an authority in the field of digital marketing by contributing to our blog.

We also desire that you continue to be the proprietor of your blog.

You can reply to questions and comments from readers as soon as your blog is published.

We’ll send you a polite email once your blog is up on our website. From there, we hope that you will post, share, and advertise your blog to increase traffic.
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