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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Your Clicks, Our Conversions.

Campaigns for Paid Search Ads

  1. Proposal for a strategy.
  2. Tracking conversions.
  3. Ad copy ideas and implementation.
  4. Ad extension ideas and implementation.
  5. Adjusting all targeting parameters.
  6. Providing the customer with answers to all inquiries.
  7. Keyword research to assess consumers’ search phrases.
  8. Sexuality, age, place of residence, time of day, and weekday are all examined.
  9. Creating and upgrading the best strategy for providing results .
  10. Ads should be tested and updated as needed.

Our PPC Monthly Report to include

  1. Performance during the last month compared to the prior month.
  2. Graphs and tables depicting weekly performance.
  3. The primary KPIs change.
  4. Monitoring rivals (impression share and behavioral changes)
  5. Performance of other channels
  6. Suggestions for next stages
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Channel Representation

Paid Social Media Campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter)

  1. Strategy (lead generation, reach, brand recognition, product advertising, etc.)
  2. Estimation of reach/traffic/conversion volume (forecasting)
    Campaign development
  3. Monitoring, administration, and optimization of campaigns
  4. Performance reporting should include any data that is valuable to the client.